Wild Care Tame Neglect
Art, Display, Exhibition

Exhibition by visual artist Edward Thomson Clydesdale at Huize Frankendael Amsterdam

What possible agency and space do (tamed) nature and culture occupy within this former country estate surrounded by the busy city, a site that now actively serves as a restaurant and reception location. Is it possible for art in such a location to escape an ever-present aesthetic harmony? What role and whose desires does an artist fulfil in a scenario where they act as host, gardener, programmer and hermit?

The exhibition gathers works by Thomson as well as of literary theorist Frans-Willem Korsten and artists Jason Coburn, Nikola Lamburov and Ine Lamers. Designers Sandra Kassenaar and Bart de Baets developed a poster campaign during a public workshop programme with de 5e Montessorischool Watergraafsmeer, colleagues and visitors. The exhibition design by EventArchitectuur cleverly reframes the garden of Huize Frankendael itself as an architectural structure for the showing of art.

Orson + Bodil Herenstraat 38 Amsterdam

client/ orson+bodil
date/ November 2012
location/ Herenstraat 38, Amsterdam
team/ Herman Verkerk & Paul Kuipers & Gent Vranovci
production/ Klief b.v. and Pim Scheeringa
photography/ Johannes Schwartz

Club Ceramique

client/ Bureau Europa
date/ from 30 november 2010 to 27 march 2011
location/ Bureau Europa
team/ Herman Verkerk, Paul Kuipers & Bram Burger
production/ Guus van den Akker
graphic design/ Experimental Jetset
photography on billboards/ Anuschka Blommers & Niels Schumm
photography off billboards/ Guus van den Akker

Piet Paris in Hirsch

client/ Studio Piet Paris
date/ 15-22 October 2010
location/ Hirsch building, Amsterdam
team/ Herman Verkerk & Paul Kuipers
production/ EventArchitectuur with Bram Burger & Michiel Zegers
graphic design/ Coppens & Alberts


New Luxury

client/ orson+bodil / Francisco van Benthum
date/ September 2008
location/ Jacob Obrechtstraat 20, Amsterdam
team/ Herman Verkerk & Paul Kuipers
production/ Guus van den Akker
photography/ Guus van den Akker



An initiative of Piet Hekker (De Bakkerswinkel) and Andy Verdonk (Anna Haen, Abcoude) for a foodmarket with daily fresh products from the Amsterdam region.

client / Piet Hekker
date/ 21 july 2008
location / Warmoesstraat 135, Amsterdam
team / Herman Verkerk & Paul Kuipers
graphic design / Lesley Moore
illustrations backyard / Peter Müller



graphic design / Experimental Jetset


client / Judith ter Haar & Artez Institute of the Arts
date / opening 8 November 2007
location / Kerkstraat 23, Arnhem
team / Herman Verkerk & Paul Kuipers
graphic design / Experimental Jetset
production/ Landstra & De Vries


AFB 2007/ Store

client / Stichting Arnhem Fashion Biennale
date / 1 june until 31 june 2007
location / A Former Brickfactory
curator / Piet Paris, Joff
curator shop / Judith ter Haar
team / Herman Verkerk & Paul Kuipers
production / Landstra & De Vries
apprenticeship / Gent Vranovci
photography / Juriaan Langstraat


client / Marres & Artimo
date / september 2005
location / Marres, Maastricht
team / Herman Verkerk
production / Willem Janssen, Guus van den Akker