SLOOM 03 MMIII Berlin fifteen years back
Publication, Sloom

Pages from Sloom 03 2 parts-1

Pages from Sloom 03 2 parts-2

Berlin Book Presentation

An evening of book presentations by Lukas Feireiss, Michael Najjar, Fiona Shipwright, Markus Bader & Herman Verkerk
Photography / Philipp Teufel
Graphic Design / Experimental Jetset
Host / Ingeborg Wiensowski

Press & Shop Window EA Book

Nice review in PIN-UP magazine issue 23 by Kevin Greenberg & lovely shop window display at Athenaeum Bookstore in Amsterdam by Marjo Kranenborg, organised by Bonnie Dumanaw.

Material Pages (from the EA book)

Graphic Design / Experimental Jetset
Photography / Johannes Schwartz

The Book Is Out Now!

“Events: Situating the Temporary”

by Herman Verkerk/EventArchitectuur

Architecture and design interventions, cutting-edge interior and exhibition design

“Events: Situating the Temporary” is dedicated to the temporary in architecture, to its qualities, possibilities and effects, and to the place it occupies in contemporary history.
The book draws a connection between the development of the Amsterdam-based design office EventArchitectuur’s body of work over twenty-five years of practice, and the transforming understanding of a time based architecture. Through conversation between Herman Verkerk and his team with former collaborators and other makers, curators, and theorists, including Bernard Tschumi, Beatriz Colomina, Dirk van den Heuvel, Rianne Makkink, Andreas Angelidakis, Ellen Blumenstein and many others, “Events: Situating the Temporary” defines the contours of temporary architecture as a hybrid field of cultural production reflecting the spirit of the times and associated with different disciplines, including art, design, literature and performance.
The publication, designed by graphic design studio Experimental Jetset, with visual essays by Johannes Schwartz and Alexander van Slobbe, proposes the temporary as the place where contemporary architecture is linked to creative and form-finding new realities (proposals, utopias, dystopias, and fantasies), and to the quest for alternative futures.

The book is for sale at bookshops around the world specialized in art, design and architecture.

Or online at:

EVENTS: situating the temporary

EVENTS: situating the temporary

by/ Herman Verkerk – EventArchitectuur
design/ Experimental Jetset

will be published this autumn (2016) by Birkhäuser Verlag.

contributions by:

Andreas Angelidakis, Claudia Banz, Ellen Blumenstein, Beatriz Colomina, Raphael Coutin, Robyn Dalziel, Bonnie Dumanow, Tal Erez, Bart Guldemond, Dutton R.Hauhart, Klaske Havik, Dirk van den Heuvel, Anne Hoogewoning, Koen Kleijn, Paul Kuipers, Gabriel A.Maher, Rianne Makkink, Ernie Mellegers, Joana Meroz, Edzard Mik, Landstra & de Vries, Lucas Muñoz, Véronique Patteeuw, Johannes Schwartz, Jorinde Seijdel, Tamar Shafrir, Alexander van Slobbe, Reneé Steenbergen, Eva Stricker, Dirk Sijmons, Philipp Teufel, Bernard Tschumi, a.o.

EventArchitectuur in Magazines 2001-2010

From: Amsterdam Weekly, De Architect, Artforum, Form, Frame, Man, Outlook.

VT Wonen November 2011 Studio Piet Paris

project EA / Studio Piet Paris, march 2008

DeLUXE NRC Weekend newspaper nov. 2011

DeLUXE stapelen en opbergen/ stack & storage by Marianne van Dodewaard
DROOG Box-o-rama by EventArchitectuur from the Design for Download collection

DELICATE gestalten verlag 2011

Delicate- New Food Culture
edited / Robert Klanten, Sven Ehnmann, Adeline Mollard, Kitty Bolhoefer
text / Rebecca Silus