EventFurnituur on show at Droog

EventFurnituur on show at Droog

Since the opening of their new venue on the 14th of september 2012 two EventFurnituur projects are on show at the Hôtel Droog in the Staalstraat in Amsterdam. You are able to see and touch the SPACES furniture collection there, consisting of three storage units: the ad-random, the unlimited and the folder unit. The units have a height of 220 cm, are app. 75 cm wide and have a depth of 30 cm. Pieces of the units are interchangeble and expendable. There are about 7 to 8 pieces in a unit. Each of these pieces are for sale for app. 240 euro. Mind you, the’re genuine prototypes. The materials used are tulipwood for the blocks and laquered birchwood multiplex for the plates.
The other EventFurnituur project, Downloadable Design, was actually commissioned by Droog in 2010, and consists of two different collections: Boxorama and Facades & Functions. These collections give you an opportunity to design your own furniture. You can check out some examples at the Hôtel Droog made with the software that we developed together with studio ludens. After designing your pieces there on the spot you can immediately order them (on line) and Droog will take care of the production and delivery. Estimations of the costs on request.

www.studioludens.com Box-O-Rama

www.studioludens.com Facades And Functions