Mountain Idyll update
Architecture, Landscape

date/ Summer 2016
photography/ Berdie Olthof
design/ EventArchitectuur x Feddes Olthof landscape architects

Water Idyll update

date/ Spring 2016
photography/ Jeroen Bosch
design/ EventArchitectuur x Veenenbosch & Bosch

Mountain Idyll in Park Lingezegen – Taking Strolls

Taking strolls at the Mountain Idyll in Park Lingezegen between Arnhem and Nijmegen NL.
Different dates from 25th of June to 14th of July.

Mountain Idyll in Park Lingezegen

In cooperation with landscape architects Berdie Olthof and Nanne Bouma of Feddes Olthof.

location / near Elsterbrug and the river Linge in Elst, Overbetuwe

Water Idyll in Lingezegen Park

In cooperation with landscape architects Jeroen Bosch en Tim de Weerd of Veenenbos & Bosch.

location / Waterrijk in Overbetuwe

Forest Idyll in Lingezegen Park

Forest idyll forms a trio with the Mountain idyll & Water idyll.
This idyll is still in the design stage, the other two are ready to be executed in the park called Lingezegen. This park of 1200 acres is located between two Dutch towns, Arnhem & Nijmegen. The forest idyll design is proposed now on a former castle garden in the village of Ressen, Lingewaard. The location might be changed, not the concept.

Designed in cooperation with landscape architect Astrid Harsveld from DLG.

Idylls for Lingezegen Park

Pursuit of Happiness

client / Beyond Leidse Rijn Utrecht, Mariette Doelle
date / september 2005
location / Farm yard in Leidse Rijn
team / Herman Verkerk, Paul Kuipers & Pieter Wackers
production / Landstra & de Vries, Gemeente dienst Publieke Werken