TKV Superbox & BVB 2013 under construction
Construction, Exhibition, Re-Use

At Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam the build-up of two exhibitions is in full swing:

TKV Superbox – curator’s choice of the acquired objects and products of applied arts over the last four years for the Stedelijk Museum Collection
BVB 2013 – Best Designed Books for the year 2013 in the Netherlands

design/ paul kuipers, herman verkerk
production/ klief

IABR 2014 – Urban by Nature

client/ International Architecture Biennial Rotterdam, director George Brugmans
curator/ Dirk Sijmons
assistant curator/ Jan Wilbers
date/ 29 may – 24 august 2014
location/ Kunsthal Rotterdam, NL
design/ Herman Verkerk, Paul Kuipers & Michiel Zegers
graphic design/ Experimental Jetset
production/ Bart Cuppens, Landstra & De Vries, KLIEF, Koert Verberne, Leendert Jan Brand & Arjan Broek
production IABR/ Fanny Smelik, Jolanda Strien & Myrte Langevoord
AV/ Visual Hardware Services BV (Bram Keukelaar)
photography/ Johannes Schwartz

Playboy Architecture Experience



Playboy Architecture 1953-1979
29 September 2012 – 9 Februari 2013
filmed by Daniel van Hauten
NAiM/Bureau Europa Maastricht

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Best Designed Books 2012

client/ Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam & Stichting Best Verzorgde Boeken
date/ september 21 till october 27 2013
location/ Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, NL
team/ Herman Verkerk & Paul Kuipers
project manager/ Henri Sandront
production/ Landstra & De Vries
photography/ Stedelijk Museum, Gert-Jan van Rooij

Playboy Architecture

client/ Bureau Europa & Princeton University
curator/ Beatriz Colomina
date/ 29 september till 10 february 2013
location/ Bureau Europa, Maastricht, NL
design/ Herman Verkerk & Paul Kuipers
production/ Brand, Broek & Erkens i.s.m. Landstra & De Vries
graphic design/ Experimental Jetset
photography/ Johannes Schwartz

Best Designed Books 2011

client/ Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam & Stichting Best Verzorgde Boeken
date/ october 20 till november 25 2012
location/ Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, NL
team/ Herman Verkerk & Paul Kuipers
production/ Rob den Dulk
photography/ Stedelijk Museum

Out Of Storage at VIVID

client/ Galerie VIVID
date part 1/ october 7-27 2012
date part 2/ october 27 till november 30 2012
location/ Galerie VIVID, Rotterdam, NL
design team/ Herman Verkerk, Paul Kuipers

with thanks to Marres Projects for the loans

Re-Out of Storage into ‘Couleur Radicaal’

A re-use of the structural elements of the Out of Storage furniture and wall & base system.

Couleur Radicaal

In the exhibition titled Couleur Radicaal, a parallel event of Manifesta 9, Marres Projects and SCHUNCK* explore how the universalist principles of modernism have influenced local developments, using ‘Heerlen’ as case study. Since the 20th century, the idea of avant-garde played an explicit role in Heerlen, a city with a self-image composed of concepts as innovative, enterprising and pioneering.

client/ Marres Projects & Schunck*
curator / Lene ter Haar
date/ from 26 may to 12 august 2012
location/ Office Villa of the Timmerfabriek Maastricht
design team / Herman Verkerk, Paul Kuipers
building production/ Johan Rijken & friends
graphic design/ Maureen Mooren & Sandra Kassenaar

Exhibiting 2005-2011

Alison & Peter Smithson

The Art of Inhabitation

client/ Bureau Europa
curator TU Delft/ Max Risselada
curator Bureau Europa/ Saskia van Stein
date/ from 17 december 2011 to 27 march 2012
location/ NAiM/ Bureau Europa
design team EventArchitectuur/ Herman Verkerk, Paul Kuipers
design team TU Delft/ Max Risselada, Bas Vahl, Marcus Kempers
building production/ Reinier van der Meer & friends
graphic design/ Experimental Jetset