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Photography: Yvon Schoenmakers, Sonja Baumel (kitchen)

Hotel Belsito

A place to work and live for us & colleagues and friends, for workshops & education and leisure.

In Arpino, Italy.

Opening April 2022, more info soon…….

BVB 2013

client/ Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam & Stichting Best Verzorgde Boeken
curator/ Carolien Glazenburg
date/ october 24 2014 till november 25 2014
location/ Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, NL
design/ Herman Verkerk & Paul Kuipers
production/ Rob den Dulk, Piet Hein Clijsen
photography/ EventArchitectuur

TKV Superbox & BVB 2013 under construction

At Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam the build-up of two exhibitions is in full swing:

TKV Superbox – curator’s choice of the acquired objects and products of applied arts over the last four years for the Stedelijk Museum Collection
BVB 2013 – Best Designed Books for the year 2013 in the Netherlands

design/ paul kuipers, herman verkerk
production/ klief

Re-Out of Storage into ‘Couleur Radicaal’

A re-use of the structural elements of the Out of Storage furniture and wall & base system.

Couleur Radicaal

In the exhibition titled Couleur Radicaal, a parallel event of Manifesta 9, Marres Projects and SCHUNCK* explore how the universalist principles of modernism have influenced local developments, using ‘Heerlen’ as case study. Since the 20th century, the idea of avant-garde played an explicit role in Heerlen, a city with a self-image composed of concepts as innovative, enterprising and pioneering.

client/ Marres Projects & Schunck*
curator / Lene ter Haar
date/ from 26 may to 12 august 2012
location/ Office Villa of the Timmerfabriek Maastricht
design team / Herman Verkerk, Paul Kuipers
building production/ Johan Rijken & friends
graphic design/ Maureen Mooren & Sandra Kassenaar

Re-Warmoesmarkt into ‘Buurtsuper’

Re-use of material of the Warmoesmarkt Amsterdam into the ‘buurtsuper’, the local supermarket Warmoesmarkt on Katendrecht, Rotterdam.

Re-Hygiene into ‘Garden Shed’

Re-use of material of the Hygiene exhibition into a garden shed at Marres ccc, Maastricht.

Re-Artimo into ‘Library’

Re-use of material of the bookshop Artimo Amsterdam into the library for Studio Makkink Bey at their N.O.P. Studio.

Photographed on the occasion of the Showroom SPACES by EventArchitectuur
May 2012, Duintjer CS, Amsterdam

client/ Studio Makkink Bey
design/ Herman Verkerk
photography/ Vincent Zedelius

Re-Orson+Bodil into Bureau Europa Office

Office for Bureau Europa NAiM made partly of recycled exhibition & interior design material.

client/ NAiM/Bureau Europa
date/ april 2010
location/ Bureau Europa Maastricht
design/ Herman Verkerk & Paul Kuipers
production/ Landstra & De Vries
photography/ Johannes Schwartz