Re-Out of Storage into ‘Couleur Radicaal’
Exhibition, Re-Use

A re-use of the structural elements of the Out of Storage furniture and wall & base system.

Couleur Radicaal

In the exhibition titled Couleur Radicaal, a parallel event of Manifesta 9, Marres Projects and SCHUNCK* explore how the universalist principles of modernism have influenced local developments, using ‘Heerlen’ as case study. Since the 20th century, the idea of avant-garde played an explicit role in Heerlen, a city with a self-image composed of concepts as innovative, enterprising and pioneering.

client/ Marres Projects & Schunck*
curator / Lene ter Haar
date/ from 26 may to 12 august 2012
location/ Office Villa of the Timmerfabriek Maastricht
design team / Herman Verkerk, Paul Kuipers
building production/ Johan Rijken & friends
graphic design/ Maureen Mooren & Sandra Kassenaar